The roots of innovation for a more sustainable textile industry

The textile industry is currently reviewing its entire production cycle with a view to greater sustainability. The economic importance of this sector makes this decision extremely significant and influential. In the past few years, chemical companies have had to comply with the new regulations in terms of environmental protection and safety devices. Now, it is the turn of all companies using chemicals: since they produce consumer goods, their action also has a social impact. The concept of sustainability is therefore perfectly embodied in all its meanings precisely in the textile industry.

There is a lot to innovate in the weaving and clothing production processes. In some applications, the processes are obsolete and do not meet any sustainability requirement. Chemical and materials engineering have always dealt with health and environmental problems and, therefore, the right tools are already available: the aim is to discover and apply them in order to create the technical and scientific bases for a complete review of production processes by the textile industry.



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